Helping the Corona Norco Rescue Mission...

Three years ago, we partnered with Restoration Roasters on the Crossroads Church Campus off of Kellogg/Ontario in Corona.  We have a special connection to the Rescue Mission and wanted to be a part of what they do.  We started wholesaling some of our most popular cookies, seasonal breads, scones and cinnamon coffee cake delivered 4 times a week.  It is so fun when someone comes into our store and says they found us through Restoration Roasters.   All the net proceeds at Restoration Roasters goes back to our community through the Rescue Mission.  Some of the employees are volunteers as well as students from the mission.  It is a wonderful atmosphere, a friendly and hlepful staff serving up delicious coffee drinks.  We also brew their specialty Hand Up coffeeright in our store if you want to give it a try.

Say hi to Kristen next time you are at Restoration Roasters!

Say hi to Kristen next time you are at Restoration Roasters!

Your Vacation Checklist

If you have ever brought something special to eat with you on your vacation, you'll really want to try Crumbles Cookies!  

They keep well in ZipLocs and store for a good 5, or more, days.  Below, is a trip we took to Graeagle, CA.  We brought at least 2-dozen up to our family. Of course, they were certainly expecting them. ;)


Consider this for YOUR vacation, even if you live in another state, we can even ship you a box or 2  to arrive at your vacation destination!