Sugar Cut-Out Cookies

Cookies: $2.75 each, or $25 a Dozen (an $8.00 savings)

Gingerbread Cookies:

Soft cutouts in the shape of the famous gingerbread man, made with molasses, cinnamon and all the good stuff.  They are piped with royal frosting and sold individually at $3.00 each.

Custom Frosted Sugar Cookies:

These fun cookies start at $3.00 each (example: Baby Onesie-below) and range upward depending on the amount of time we spend decorating them.  Minimum order is two dozen with 4-day advanced notice.

Shower gifts

Baby Onesies are great for baby showers.  They're simple at conveying the message of a new baby in the family.   This is an example of $3.00 per cookie decorating price.

Wedding Shower

Applicable to the bride and groom, these require much more decorating, but are worth the extra effort if you budget is flexible.


This is one of a host of cookie shapes that can be used for birthdays.  Remember, the more colors and work we do to the cookie, the more it will cost.

Here's some examples of the types of decorating we do.  Some are decorated with a frosting knife using butter cream frosting, and others are decorated using a royal icing flooding technique.