Membership program

Celebrate! Employee birthdays, Special occasions, Client successes

Appreciate! Best customers, Helpful referrals, New Clients, New Sales records

Reward! Employee attendance, Exceeding Safety Standards, Increasing productivity

Since 2005, we’ve seen many of our regular customers giving our gourmet cookie boxes to their valued clients and employees. For example, on a monthly basis, Uniweb Inc. purchases multiple dozens to celebrate their employee birthdays.

Our Sweeten The Deal membership program makes it easy for you to have multiple gourmet cookie boxes (5 dozen and up) ready for pick up, or delivered to your business on a monthly basis; at unbeatable prices so you can have them available to Celebrate, Appreciate and Reward prospects, clients and employees! 

Celebrate! Appreciate! Reward!


It's true that the most valued person is one who is appreciated! Let us be a solution in keeping your valued employees and clientele feeling celebrated! This is an excellent way to develop your client base and/or growing your employee teams!

Glad you agree, so would it be more convenient for you to pick up our cookie boxes, or have them delivered to your business? (PLEASE PICK ONE)