Edible Image Sugar Cookies:

Edible images are thin layers of fondant that are run through a color printer (with edible ink).  After drying, the pieces of fondant peel off of a base sheet and are placed on top of freshly frosted sugar cookies.  We typically decorate around the edge of the cookie with crystal sugar sprinkles, or piping (additional cost) to finish it off.  We use outside vendors to make the edible image so that we can use it for our cookies.

1. Pila's Pantry:

The fastest way to get your prints is to call Pila's Pantry in Norco.  Phone: 951-371-3957.   If you email them your image ahead of time, they can print it for you in minutes and have it waiting for you.  You can also bring in your image and have them print a sheet for you while you wait.  Fondant sheets are $10 each, and they can put multiple images on a sheet.  Maximum image size: 8x10 inches.  Remember to have them print your images to fit our cookie cutter shapes:

1. Rectangle- image size: 2-1/2 x 3 inches, or smaller

2. Circle- image size: 2-3/4 inch diameter, or smaller