Gift Ideas:

We can gift up to a little as 1 cookie in a cellophane bag, to dozens of them in a crate.  Here's a list of the most popular gifts our customers love.


Cello bag:

This cello bag can contain up to 3 gourmet cookies.  We typically tie a matching ribbon onto the bag to close it. 

6-Cookie Stack Wrap:

Your choice of 6 cookies stacked and wrapped in cellophane to form a nice desktop gift.  Various wraps are available for any theme you may need.

Box Wraps:

1 and 2 dozen glossy white bakery boxes are available for wrapping in cellophane and ribbon.  A great gift idea when you need to get cookies to a small office, or a classroom.

Tray Wraps:

Choose the cookies you want, and we'll wrap it to match the theme you need.  There are three sizes to choose from:

1-Doz Tray

2-Doz Tray

3-Doz Tray

Rose Bouquet Box:

This cute clear gift box fits 1-1/2 Dozen or 2-Dozen gourmet cookies.  This makes a great sweetheart gift, or any gift that comes straight from the heart.


Gift Cards:

Gift cards are available for those with complex taste requirements, or if your just in a rush.  Let them come in and get their favorite gourmet cookies.  

You choose the amount, and we provide the gift card and envelope.